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OUR award-winning Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty team offers you the following tips for buying and selling Abaco real estate.
This is what they?ve learned on the front line of the real estate industry in Abaco and, indeed, the Bahamas. In their own words:


▪ Do not overprice your home

▪ Fresh coat of paint where needed, especially on the front door

▪ Keep home free of clutter. This includes counter tops in your kitchens and bathrooms and personal items such as figurines ? anything that clutters the space. Rent a storage room if necessary

▪ Have your property (interior/exterior) treated for pests on a routine basis.

▪ Keep up with general preventative maintenance

▪ Enhance your home in all the small ways that are not costly: Clean, paint touch up, regrout or clean grout, get rid of clutter even before showing to a realtor even and setting a price.

▪ Pricing, pricing, pricing – key to selling in shortest time.

▪ Listen to your realtor – only hire someone you consider competent and then LISTEN. Let them work for you ?they are the experts.

▪ Let your agent assist you with pricing your property since he/she will be familiar with the current market conditions.

▪ Never discuss reason, urgency for selling, or negotiations with anyone besides your agent.

▪ Make sure your real property taxes are up to date before you put your property on the market as this could save time at closing.

▪ Fix any small repairs before showing your home.

▪ Always leave the home when the agent is showing. Your presence will inhibit scrutiny, and the free flow of conversation and questions the prospect will want to ask.

▪ Make sure there is adequate lighting and cooling when showing. Open curtains or blinds, turn lights on and have the A/C fans running.

ABOVE ALL, make sure you are dealing with a Bahamas Real Estate Association-licensed broker or agent.


▪ View several similar properties to have an idea of the market

▪ Be open minded. Visualise the home and try seeing the full potential

▪ When ready to negotiate, make your offer as strong as possible; visit your bank ahead of time to qualify for a loan. If you haven?t, someone may beat you to that home you?ve fallen in love with!
▪ Before you start looking, prepare a list or scorecard with the most important features you?re looking for. Rate each feature and home as you view them. This will help when it comes time to making a decision.

▪ Once you decide to purchase a property, have a home inspection prepared by a professional. This will help ensure there are no surprises when you move in.
▪ Make sure you are pre-approved before starting your search.
▪ Once you find the property of your dreams, put your deposit down immediately so that you don?t lose the home to another potential buyer.
▪ Have your agent go over enough comparisons that you have a feel for the market. Once educated, when your agent shows you a good deal act on it swiftly!
▪ Only start looking in earnest once you have firmly established what price range you should be exploring ( What you are qualified for). Saves time and time is money.
▪ Look with your head first and heart second.
▪ Avoid buying in low lying areas that are prone to flooding.