Where to Eat and Have Fun in Abaco

By Elise Roberts

With so much to do across Great Abaco Island and its many cays, there are two very important questions. What do Abaco home owners eat and where do they go for fun? Well, we?ve got you covered.

Abaco has a great many places to eat in both residential communities and more secluded areas. Whether you are looking for a burger and fries or calamari and filet mignon, everywhere you go offers their own unique spin on the classic dishes you crave.

Get out your Abaco kitchen and explore what the islands have to offer!

Marsh Harbour itself has a street considered locally as ?Restaurant Row,? with many of the town?s restaurants located along this strip near the upscale residential communities of Pelican Shores, Eastern Shores and Boat Harbour.

Start your day right by visiting Bliss Coffee Shoppe for some of the best coffee and frappuccinos in the Abacos.

Burger joints, such as Jamie?s Place and The Snack Shack, dot the street. Visit Jake?s Restaurant and try their signature Jake?s Burger, loaded with bacon and sautéed onions and mushrooms. Places like Anglers and Curlytail?s offer dishes such as macadamia nut crusted grouper and the most tender New York strip steak.

Have a Philly cheese steak and a drink at Snappas Bar & Grill located right on the harbour, or enjoy the colonial atmosphere and have one of the best daiquiri?s on the island at Wally?s.

In town, join the locals at Golden Grouper for some good old fashioned soul food like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Visit Island Family for a Bahamian favourite known as ?conch in da bag? ? the conch is beaten, battered and deep fried, then placed in foil with French fries and covered in ketchup and hot sauce.

After a long day exploring what Abaco has to offer, why go home to cook?

Maybe you have an appetite that rivals no other. Give Lovely?s a call for one of the biggest burgers you have ever encountered.

The Hurricane Burger is a local favorite. So big you have to cut it in half to pick it up! A huge homemade burger patty loaded with sautéed onions and mushrooms, bacon and onion rings on a homemade bun, this burger can satisfy even the hungriest of adventurers.

At Little Harbour, in the south, you can find Pete?s Pub & Art Gallery.Sandwiched between the ocean beach, protected by the sand dune, and right on the harbour?s beach, Pete?s Pub is a great place to pull up in a boat and enjoy a meal with bare feet.

Tuesday night is sushi night and every day the menu offers some of the best grilled fish, peas ?n? rice and cole slaw in Abaco. Enjoy their relaxed beach bar atmosphere and if you visit during the day, be sure to stop by the Art Gallery where you can see some of Pete Johnstons famous bronze works.

In the north at Treasure Cay, the Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina offers a wide range of dining, including Spinnakers, Coco?s Beach Bar & Grill and the Tipsy Seagull.

Treasure Cay has an amazing National Geographic rated beach and beautiful Abaco homes. So while you?re in the area, check out the prime Abaco real estate offerings.

The Tipsy Seagull is a great place to eat and drink by the pool. Or try the delicious prime rib at Spinnaker?s. If you are interested in something a little more upscale, try The Treasure Sands Club.

Located right on the famous Treasure Cay Beach, Treasure Sands Club offers a number of surf or turf delicacies, including 100% grass fed beef filet and lobster tail curry. Don?t forget to try their signature dessert of roasted banana crème Brule. Visit their website to see their menu and more at www.treasuresandsclub.com

Hope Town is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. It has the most charming old Abaco homes, all painted in pretty pastels.

Capt?n Jacks is located on the harbour in full view of the Elbow Cay Lighthouse and Loyalist cottages, as well as Harbour?s Edge where you can enjoy their famous ?gully wings.?

The best BBQ wings on the island! ?On Da Beach? or Munchies are great places to stop in town for quick take-out and Hope Town Harbour Lodge offers magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean whilst dining poolside.

Watch the surfers compete from the Abaco Inn Restaurant overlooking some of the best waves in Abaco.

Visit Sea Spray Resort & Marina on a Thursday during the summer months and get caught up in the Goombay Festival where Junkanoo takes center stage! If you?re looking to relax, visit Firefly Sunset Resort, where you can enjoy some of Abaco?s best local cuisine with one of the best views of the sunset that you will find anywhere in the Bahamas.

At Man-O-War Cay, a lovely community of Abaco homes, you will find Dock & Dine Restaurant. Located by Man-O-War Marina, Dock & Dine is a great place where you can pull up in your boat for a meal, relax and enjoy the cool breeze on the harbour.

At Hibiscus Cafe, enjoy local dishes such as cracked conch or a delicious burger, or on the weekend order one of their specials like blackened mahi or rack of lamb. If you?re on the Cay on a Saturday night, be sure to check out Richards BBQ for some of the best BBQ you have ever had! You can find Richards menu posted on the towns bulletin board.

Great Guana Cay is an idyllic island of charming Abaco homes and cottages. In Great Guana Cay, Guana Grabbers is located on the beach on the Sea of Abaco. You can grab a meal and a drink, then jump in a kayak for a spin around the bay.

On Sunday?s, Nippers is the place to be. Join the tourists and locals for the Wild Boar Roast! You?ll never know who you might see. Sometimes the legendary singer Barefoot Man stops by and will sing for the crowd! Located on the top of the sand dune, Nippers overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the beach below. It?s definitely a do-not-miss. Visit their website for a taste of what they offer, though the view is like no other, at www.nippersbar.com

Green Turtle Cay, the last stop on our food tour, is one of the most diverse. Visit Laure?s Kitchen for some tasty Asian cuisine, or Miss Emily?s Blue Bee Bar for the famous Goombay Smash!

Harvey?s Bar & Grill is a great place for a sit down lunch and The Wrecking Tree has traditional Bahamian take-away. Head over to the Ballyhoo Bar & Grill for a delicious poolside meal or enjoy unique dishes such as the mojito mahi mahi at the Green Turtle Club. Have a look at their menu and accommodations at www.greenturtleclub.com

The town in Green Turtle, historic New Plymouth, is one of the most beautiful in the Abaco and, for that matter, the Bahamas. Narrow pedestrian streets are lined with picturesque Abaco homes of yore and restaurants.

In Abaco, there is definitely no shortage of places to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.

By Elise Roberts