Riding the Ferry

IN SEAGOING Abaco, transportation by ferry boat is a way of life that locals and visitors never tire of.

Skimming across the crystal clear Sea of Abaco beats sitting in bumper to bumper traffic hands down.

First, there?s the excitement of going on a day?s excursion, such as to the Abaco mainland from the quaint outer islands of Man-O-War Cay, Hope Town, Guana Cay or Green Turtle Cay.

Hitting the well-stocked Florida-style supermarket (even though there are stores on the islands), scoping out the nursery and stopping at Curly Tails or Island Family Café for lunch.

Mmm. Just the thought of those conch fritters and burgers, or yummy veggie dishes?

Then back on the ferry, a bit tired but content, the sweet cool island breeze as relaxing as a swim in the silky sea.

The sea dappled in the pinks and reds of sunsets. This island life is sweet! Visit website