What to do in Abaco

"Come on over and have a visit! After you?ve basked in the sunshine, eaten your first bowl of conch salad, tried the conch fritters, socialised with the locals and explored our colourful reefs, I bet you?ll be hooked!" - Mailin Sands

There is always something to do throughout the Islands of Abaco. We have entertainment on every end of the spectrum. From bird-watching and water sports, to golfing and bone fishing. There is something for every Abaco home owner. Check out our list below for some of our favourite things to do.

With many of Abaco?s Islands and Cays remaining untouched, it is no small wonder that Eco-Tourism is in our nature. For those who are interested in birdwatching, our own ?Lucayan Nature Man,? Reg Patterson, offers birdwatching tours in the Abaco National Parks. There you can see many of our native birds in their natural habitats. Perhaps even catch a glimpse of the famed Abaco Parrot, found only in the pine forests of Abaco.

Birdwatching not your thing? Then how about leaving the comfort of your Abaco home for some water sports? You can start out easy with Stafford Patterson of Sea Horse Boat Rentals. ?Captain Plug? as he is known, can take you island-hopping. Go for a swim at one of Abaco?s many beautiful beaches, catch some fish or go bar-hopping across the Cays.

Want a little more adventure? Visit Hope Town and go surfing. Some of Abaco?s best breaks are on Hope Town?s Atlantic beaches with surf boards available for rent in town. Then check out Brendal?s Dive Center on Green Turtle Cay. They offer night dives, shark encounters, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding and more! Visit Abaco?s own swimming pigs or hand-feed the sting rays, then have a BBQ on the beach. What more could you want? You can find more info online at {www.brendal.com}

Maybe water sports isn?t your cup of tea. Why not try out one of Abaco?s Championship Golf Courses? The Treasure Cay Golf Course offers a full 18-hole course just a few minutes away from the Treasure Cay Marina. Treasure Cay Abaco real estate is big with second home owners. For more information about the Treasure Cay Resort and Marina, you can visit their site at {www.treasurecay.com}.

The Abaco Club on Winding Bay features authentic links courses as well as access to the exclusive clubhouse, European Spa, deep sea and bone-fishing excursions and much more.

While we are on the subject of sport fishing, Abaco is a great second home destination for recreational and serious anglers. Our Abaco real estate agents can help you in this area.

Abaco has no shortage of bone-fishing and deep-sea fishing guides. Perfectly positioned to the Northeast of Elbow Cay, an underwater canyon provides a natural highway for many types of fish and acts as a feeding ground for many deep-sea fish during their migration. There is so much information on this topic that we have dedicated an entire page to Fishing in Abaco. You can visit the link here: Fishing in Abaco.

What if today you just feel like exploring? Abaco has a rich history and every Island and cay is unique. Visit some of our museums and landmarks and learn what made Abaco into what it is today.
In Green Turtle Cay you will find the Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden and The Albert Lowe Museum. Both of them a tribute to our past, honouring those who were still loyal to Britain and came to the Bahamas to escape the American Revolution in 1783.
In Hope Town you can visit The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum and The Elbow Cay Lighthouse. In the museum you can see much of Abaco?s history on display. Many photographs, artifacts and antiques date back as far as the 1780?s. Also housed here are extensive genealogy records for all Bahamians, some going back to before we became a British Colony. The Elbow Cay Lighthouse itself is a monument to history, dating back to the 1860?s. For over 150 years, this lighthouse has stood fast and remains today as the only active, hand-wound kerosene lighthouse in the world. Climb the 101 steps, stand atop the balcony and enjoy the magnificent 360* view of Elbow Cay and the ocean beyond. If you would like to learn more about the Elbow Cay Lighthouse, you can visit
At Man-O-War Cay you can visit the Man-O-War Cay Heritage Museum. Located in a 100+ year old home where artifacts, photos and family treasures show you what it was like living in days gone by.
In the South, at Little Harbour, you can visit Johnstons Bronze Art Foundry. Pete Johnston continues his late father Randolph Johnstons work and uses a 5000 year old waxing process to create bronze sculptures that can be found in galleries around the world, including the Vatican Museum in Rome!

Want to take it slow today? Shopping is a great way to pass some time on Abaco. Whether you are looking for souvenirs from your trip or choosing unique treasures for your home, Abaco has a wide range of boutiques and shops to browse through. From the Sand Dollar Shoppe in Marsh Harbour to Iggy Biggy in Hope Town, Joe?s Studio in Man-O-War Cay to Native Creations in Green Turtle Cay, there is something special to find for everyone.

What if it?s the end of the day and you just want to relax and enjoy a nice drink by the pool? Although Abaco is a relatively quiet place, there are a number of places where you can have a drink and chill with the locals besides in your Abaco home. Snappa?s Bar & Grill in Marsh Harbour is a local hot spot, Firefly in Hope Town is a lovely place with a great view of the sunset, Nipper?s Bar & Grill in Guana Cay sit?s high on the sand dunes overlooking the ocean, and Pete?s Pub & Art Gallery in Little Harbour sit?s right on the harbour front where you can come in barefoot and enjoy the best of local cuisine. If you want to know more about Abaco?s best places to eat, have a look at our Where to Go tab found here: Where to go in Abaco

No matter what time of year you come to Abaco, there is always something going on ? either in the Abaco homes or in public spaces.. Many events and celebrations are hosted throughout the year and everyone is welcome. Just a few of these include:

Art for the Parks, hosted by the Bahamas National Trust in February at Abaco Beach Resort in Marsh Harbour. Art for the Parks brings out dozens of artists and artisans from around Abaco. Live entertainment, hand-crafted items and a silent auction draw you in and all of the proceeds go to help preserve our National Parks right here on Abaco.

Island Roots Heritage Festival in Green Turtle Cay, usually held in May, is fun for all ages with live local entertainment, crafters and artisans from all over Abaco and a visit from the past by the pirates that roamed these waters years ago make the event fun for all involved. For more on the artists and artisans, please check out our Abaco Artists page here : Abaco Artists

July 10th is the Bahamas Independence Day and no one celebrates it with style like Man-O-War Cay! locals and Abaco home owners with second homes come together to participate in games like tug-of-war, egg-n-spoon and Sack races, then the adults compete for the fastest time in events like the conch-breaking contest, wood sawing contest and nail hammering contest. Then after lunch, everyone gathers around to watch the most anticipated event of all - The Slippery Pole! Everyone gets to take turns sliding out on a greased pole over the water while attempting to get the flag at the end without falling off. But watch out! The next person behind you wants the prize too! Many will try, but only one can win.

Junkanoo is a wonderful Bahamian tradition. There are many times throughout the year that you can experience a ?Junkanoo Rush?- dancing to a pulsating African rhythm produced by cowbells and goat skin drums. Green Turtle Cay hosts a Junkanoo parade on New Year?s Day, Marsh Harbour holds competitions in February and June/July, and Sea Spray Resort in Hope Town holds an annual competition in December. Let the tune of the horns and whistles fill your mind as the beat of the drums enters your soul.

In November, the island of Elbow Cay hosts the ?Big Hill Box Cart Derby?. Homemade box cars enter in a number of categories to compete and food and beverage stands are set up for the spectators. All of the proceeds assist Youth Sports Development on the Cay.

During the spring, there are many billfish and gamefish tournaments going on. Once such tournament is the Abaco Beach Blue Marlin Tournament. Sport fisherman compete to see who can bring back the biggest fish with a cash reward going to the biggest and best! Interested in seeing more about Abaco?s sport fishing? Check out our Fishing in Abaco page at {INSERT LINK TO FISHING IN ABACO TAB HERE}

There is so much more to do and to see in Abaco that I could talk all day and never finish. These are just some of the very best things about Abaco and I hope you have a chance to check them all out. But don?t just take my word for it! Visit some of these beautiful places and decide for yourself! Stay a while. Make Abaco your home away from home. We?re more than happy to have you.

By Elise Roberts