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7th Annual Lion Fish Derby
2017-06-23 16:44:01 by Elise Roberts

Photo of a Lionfish

The Red Lion Fish, originally a species native to the Indo-Pacific, has become numerous in Bahamian waters in recent years. While it is a beautiful fish, it is also a venomous and invasive species. Having very few natural predators, itís population has grown tremendously throughout the western Atlantic. In an effort to curb the over-population of Lion Fish, many places have held competitions to reduce their numbers in the wild. Lion Fish also has a delicious, tender meat - as long as they are carefully cleaned to avoid the spines - that can be served in a wide variety of ways.

This weekend, Green Turtle Cay is hosting itís 7th Annual Lion Fish Derby! In an effort to reduce their numbers, cash prizes will be awarded in a number of categories and delicious Lion Fish dishes will be served fresh throughout the day.

While visiting Green Turtle Cay, why not have a look at some of the listings available on the island? Starfish is perfect for the avid boater. Itís a 2 bed/2 bath home located right on the water. In fact, you can pull right up to the deck in your boat, as it doubles as a dock! Itís perfect as a home or a rental property, where you can live about as close to the sea as you can get without swimming in it!

Green Turtle Cay is definitely the place to be this weekend.