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Goodbye Grey Sky, Hello Blue
2017-03-23 16:24:45 by Elise Roberts

Photo of a Frangipani flower

If youíre looking for something to do this weekend, Man-O-War Cay is the place to be! The Man-O-War Youth Fitness Club is hosting itís 4th Annual Luau at the Marina Grounds and there will be fun for all ages. There will be games, a limbo contest, a grass skirt contest and even a silent auction! Enjoy the delicious pig roast, made on-site, while listening to some great music by Karibsoul.

While youíre there, have a stroll around town and enjoy the peacefulness of living on the Cay. Take a walk on the beach and fill your lungs with the fresh ocean air. Itís been known to soothe the soul. A great way to de-stress at the end of a work week.

Man-O-War Cay is one of those places where you feel like you are away from the world. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to suddenly feel at home as you explore the town. You may even feel like you want to live there. Why not put down roots in such a delightful place?

With a number of listings available on the cay, one home truly stuck out to me. Happy Days is a 3 bed/2 bath, fully furnished home that calls out to good times. Itís name alone throws back to a time when things were simpler. As the theme song goes, ďThese days are ours, happy and free.Ē Why not spend them on Man-O-Way Cay?